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A message to Google

Google's Android is really gaining heat nowadays although the previous versions of Android such as 2.3 Gingerbread, 2.2 Fro Yo etc. used to be slow and laggy due to all the widgets stored in the OS. The touch of Android also used to be disaster. These things always used to annoy me and not only but a lot of people but because of its open source environment people didn't care as they were getting a big OS with good specifications at a very low cost (not all are at low cost :P). Whatever but those days are gone now, Google's new update to their Android has overcome those problems. Due to their so called "Project Butter" the touch interface has got a much smoother response. But nowadays because of these new add-ons people are starting to think as if Android is the best on it's own and if you also think like this then you are wrong because NO, Android can do nothing on it's own. Android exists in this world because there are other brands like HTC (a good comp…