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Facebook Fails on The Wall Street

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has recently entered Facebook into NASDAQ Stock Market at a Stock Price of $38 approx. and dreamed of defeating Apple's enormous Stock Price but now his dreams look like broken because Facebook's Stock Price is falling down and is now at $28.19 which is a whole lot of change while Apple's Stock Price remains up at a cost of $579.17 with a profit of 1.21%. The reason for this fall of stock price in Facebook is because Mark Zuckerberg didn't even think about the risks in it. Apple gains huge profits because they sell solid products which are present in real life and can be used anywhere while Facebook doesn't sell anything other than accessories and earns money from Apps. Facebook  is just a name which is there on the internet but not present with the user and hence the product becomes priceless, at few places Facebook is banned too. These factors make people think twice before going for Facebook and they go for some other brand like Ap…

Google buys Motorola!

Google  has recently bought Motorola Mobility at a deal of $12.5 billion. Motorola mobility is a major mobile phone making brand which has a few decently designed yet powerful smartphones and now as it has been taken up by Google, Androids might get a new personal identity like iOS. Apple has kept the iOS compatible only for Apple portable devices which have a touch User Interface. Android is an open source mobile operating system and can be used on any device which makes the software of much lower quality as compared to Apple's iOS. This deal tells us that Google wants to leave Apple's iPhone, iPod and iPad behind which is a very difficult task and no brand is able to do it till now. Will this deal bring Apple down? Will this Google and Motorola together become the number 1 mobile device brand? Let's see what are the tactics and possibilities behind this deal.

Google's Android is an open source operating system and was available to every mobile device of any brand exc…

A lot of iOS devices expected this year!

We are now getting a lot of rumors that Apple will launch its new generation of iPhone, iPad etc. but I don't think that bringing all these innovations together will be a good idea. So, first of all lets have a look at all the rumors that are turning up for this year.

1. iPhone 
Because of the launch of such great and new smart phones by Samsung and HTC like HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy SIII, Apple really needs to launch a new generation of iPhone which would be named iPhone 5 rather than putting some other alphabet to the number of the generation. iPhone 5 is expected to be Tim Cook's first own designed product after Steve Jobs. We all know that the iPhone 4S's design was already given by Steve Jobs before he died.

2. iPad
Although the bringing of new tablets to the portable computer segment is now slowing down a bit and because of this Samsung might prepare himself to give us a new generation of their 'Tab'. The newer tabs can be more powerful and more sleek than …

A New Galaxy Smartphone : Galaxy SIII

Samsung has recently launched its new generation of Galaxy S which is Galaxy SIII. The Galaxy S had a great success in the beginning but because of the release of new mobiles and brands like HTC in the High End Smartphone market it lost its identity and the good user response also began to decline due to the stickiness on the handset's touch screen which at times becomes difficult to use. Samsung launched a newer version named Galaxy SII which also had a lot of tech guys waiting for it but were annoyed as except the screen and the OS nothing had changed much. The Screen remained sticky and just a minor upgrade of the camera although its a good camera but cannot compare to the one which is in the Apple iPhone 4S. Yes, iPhone 4S was the main reason because of which a lot of people left the idea of buying Galaxy SIII.

 As soon as Samsung launched it's Galaxy SII, a rumor about a new iPhone had spread with a whole lot of new features and Apple did that. iPhone 4S gave a Apple a ve…