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iPhone 5 : Is It Just The 5th Row of icons?

The most awaited iPhone is finally out with an all new design and features. The new iPhone almost seems like the pictures of the iPhone 5 leaked before the launch. This iPhone doesn't seem quite different on the first sight but when you go deep into it's functionalities then we see the difference. iPhone 5 now has a 4 inch screen whose height is increased to keep the width same as before so that typing with one hand is easy. The iSight camera just got even better with the panorama feature which gives a resolution of 28MP but the normal camera remains 8MP.   iPhone 5 is much lighter and thinner than ever which some people think is a disadvantage of the iPhone. Some people say that expensive and valuable things like an expensive watch should be heavy not light. Some say that lighter iPhone have more chances of falling as we may not feel that we are carrying it. I don't think the lightness is a problem instead it is an advantage because first of all Force = Mass x Area that is…