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Apple to make TVs!!

A rumor from Bloomberg informs that Apple is finally entering the world of Television a.k.a The Highest Level of Entertainment. The main competitors will be first of all Samsung as Samsung is doing great job in the world of T.Vs with the range of Televisions such as LCDs, LEDs, 3D TV and 3D LED TV. LG, Panasonic and Sony are also there in the way of Apple as these companies are already established in making TVs but it won't be difficult for Apple to take over these companies as Apple is much more established and advanced brand than these companies. The few things common people might need in the iTV (My name given to the future TV) are:-

The first thing confirmed is that it is an OLED TV so its till now the brightest, thinnest and also the smoothest TV display technology.It might have 'Siri' the digital assistant from Apple to people which will make the Television experience even better and the operation will be easier as its the best electronic assistant ever in any electro…

The Things for iPad 3

This is a concept of the iPad 3 by MacMagazine
As you all know from my below post Apple Inc. is launching its new iPad 3 and to make it successful it will surely add new features and dimensions to its new product some of the features that are required and necessary to make it a successful and decent tablet plus to compete the other tablets specially Galaxy Tab 10.1 are:- An HD Retina Display used in the iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 4/4s would not be possibly coming but news has come that Apple has signed Sharp for making the new display for the iPad with the new Bar LED Technology and increased DPI of 330 and resolution of 2048 x 1536A better back camera with flash and a HD Facetime Camera should be there in this new giant and rumors say that the back camera for the iPad maybe of about 5MP with a LED FlashIt would be nice if there are new stereo speakers as compared to the disgusting mono speakers in the present day iPad 2.As Apple is improving the Antennas in its every new product like the…

iPad 3 Launch Date!

The year 2011 became the year of iPad 2 but slowly tablet users started switching to other tablet because of their attractive features the iPad 2 with its simple features slowly sank down but still held up to its best tablet review due to its ethnic design and company itself makes it a selling point but now Apple is coming up with the next Gen iPad a.k.a iPad 3/iPad 2s whatever they name it Apple is surely going to put ample new features in it a few like better camera and higher screen pixelation.
Bloomberg has reported that Apple has already started the production of the iPad 3/iPad 2s in the beginning of January 2012 and is sure to fuel up the production in February. Its launch is said to be in February and release March for U.S.A and Mid-March for U.K and further on for other countries including our pride India.