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Apple to make TVs!!

A rumor from Bloomberg informs that Apple is finally entering the world of Television a.k.a The Highest Level of Entertainment. The main competitors will be first of all Samsung as Samsung is doing great job in the world of T.Vs with the range of Televisions such as LCDs, LEDs, 3D TV and 3D LED TV. LG, Panasonic and Sony are also there in the way of Apple as these companies are already established in making TVs but it won't be difficult for Apple to take over these companies as Apple is much more established and advanced brand than these companies. The few things common people might need in the iTV (My name given to the future TV) are:-

  1. The first thing confirmed is that it is an OLED TV so its till now the brightest, thinnest and also the smoothest TV display technology.
  2. It might have 'Siri' the digital assistant from Apple to people which will make the Television experience even better and the operation will be easier as its the best electronic assistant ever in any electronic gadget with modified language understanding.
  3. The 2D to 3D technology engine will be better than present TVs which means the 2D version and the 3D version of the image will be of the same 1080p quality.
  4. It will also have Facetime HD camera like the Macintosh and Macbook  which can take place of the skype feature in other TVs
  5. The last thing will be the price which is the main thing in Television and as OLED will be a new technology for the world of Televisions it will be extremely high priced so if Apple wants to sell it like the Samsung and Panasonics it should be below Rs. 1,00,000

The design of the iTV will be surely thinner than normal LCD and LED TVs provided by Sony and Panasonic etc. The screen will be huge as its an OLED HD TV so to make the experience amazing it might have huge screen and SRS Dolby Digital or Bose built in Audio System. Till then we can just wait for the launch date which is rumored to be in the mid of April after the iPad 3 reaches everybody's homes.


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