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iPhone 5 to launch in September 12: Confirmed!

It seems that the most awaited iPhone ever is going to be announced on 12 September, 2012. As soon as the iPhone 5 will launch on this Apple Media Event, we will get to know what all rumors were true and which were fake. There are some more rumors like a newer version of the iPod Touch and the manufacturing of the iPad Mini in October as their screen provider is facing problems in manufacturing the screens before October. So, stay tuned for more information about iPhone 5. 

Before iPad 3

Thanks to AYTM for such a nice infographic. 

Source: AYTM Research

What's Up Tim ?

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is the man who has got the responsibility to guide Sir Steve Job's beloved company which is now on the peaks of success due to his innovations and great design concepts which I think no other tech company matches till now.Tim Cook is a good person indeed but still lacks some aspects that Steve Jobs had. Steve never focused on the pricing of the products, he only focused on the product quality. I have observed that all the keynotes done by Tim Cook basically focuses on making products cheaper than what they cost. This isn't bad but this sudden price fall may someday lead Apple to decrease the product quality. Well these things aside, we have also heard about a lot rumors about the iPhone 5 in September 12. The sources say that iPhone 5 will really launch on September 12 and it is also said that this new is leaked by Tim Cook himself. Rumors for a new iPad are also being heard which will be the newest iPad with a smaller screen said to be iPad Mini. Well …