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Google buys Motorola!

Google  has recently bought Motorola Mobility at a deal of $12.5 billion. Motorola mobility is a major mobile phone making brand which has a few decently designed yet powerful smartphones and now as it has been taken up by Google, Androids might get a new personal identity like iOS. Apple has kept the iOS compatible only for Apple portable devices which have a touch User Interface. Android is an open source mobile operating system and can be used on any device which makes the software of much lower quality as compared to Apple's iOS. This deal tells us that Google wants to leave Apple's iPhone, iPod and iPad behind which is a very difficult task and no brand is able to do it till now. Will this deal bring Apple down? Will this Google and Motorola together become the number 1 mobile device brand? Let's see what are the tactics and possibilities behind this deal.

Google's Android is an open source operating system and was available to every mobile device of any brand except Apple. This compatibility with so many devices led to creation of so many versions of Android and by versions I not only mean the software versions but I also mean the UI versions like every mobile will have difference in the resolution and for that Google has to make a new version with particular resolution and features according to the Mobile Device. This re-sizing of the OS again and again makes the UI of the Apps look very boring. At the other hand Apple's iOS is available only for Apple Mobile Devices and hence the size ration never changes although the resolution changes and thats why they have less versions and are give much more sharper and better quality UI for Apps than Androids.

Google Becoming a Threat for Apple?
Will this tie-up of Google and Motorola Mobility become a threat for Apple? I think it is possible for a sometime but when Apple will start launching its long rumored iOS devices like iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G, iPad 3S/iPad 4 and iPad Mini then Google will not be able to do anything other than just sitting and watching the success of these devices and the long lines at Apple Stores during the first few weeks of launch.


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