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A New Galaxy Smartphone : Galaxy SIII

Samsung has recently launched its new generation of Galaxy S which is Galaxy SIII. The Galaxy S had a great success in the beginning but because of the release of new mobiles and brands like HTC in the High End Smartphone market it lost its identity and the good user response also began to decline due to the stickiness on the handset's touch screen which at times becomes difficult to use. Samsung launched a newer version named Galaxy SII which also had a lot of tech guys waiting for it but were annoyed as except the screen and the OS nothing had changed much. The Screen remained sticky and just a minor upgrade of the camera although its a good camera but cannot compare to the one which is in the Apple iPhone 4S. Yes, iPhone 4S was the main reason because of which a lot of people left the idea of buying Galaxy SIII.

 As soon as Samsung launched it's Galaxy SII, a rumor about a new iPhone had spread with a whole lot of new features and Apple did that. iPhone 4S gave a Apple a very huge profit. Now Samsung really needs a device which can boost its profit and popularity among High End smartphones and to do so they have launched Galaxy SIII whose official technical specifications have not been leaked to the public. So lets have a look at the device's till now leaked technical specifications:

Operating System : Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (Name sounds ridiculous but that's that)

RAM : 1GB is the common RAM nowadays but according to rumors it might be the first smartphone to feature a 2GB RAM.

CPU : Quad Core 1.4GHz Cortex A9 Processor.

GPU : Mali-400

Internal Memory : It should be 16GB Minimum and an option to expand it till 64GB.

Camera : 8MP but to give it something different it can be 12MP and a 2MP Front Camera (possibly)

Screen Size : 4.8" AMOLED High Definition Screen.

These technical specifications may not seem that new but still they can simply beat a few smart phones if Samsung keeps the pricing of this device sensible which they never do. Now let's have a look at some new things that are there inside this device.


The design doesn't seems to be that fresh and stylish as compared to HTC One X and Apple iPhone 4S but still the design is much better than Samsung Galaxy SII and SI. The body of Galaxy SIII is brushed plastic and feels very light in weight when held in the hands. This gives the Galaxy SIII a cheaper feeling than other smartphones and specially its not comparable to iPhone 4S which has Aluminium body with shiny glass which give a truly luxurious feeling.

User Interface

The UI of the new Galaxy SIII is quite improved. The Lock Screen is now much cleaner and the dock which contains your favorite apps can now contain 5 apps. The screen is much more smoother than the previous versions. The Lock screen now has a swipe to unlock feature which much more smoother and does not have any special graphical excitement but does have a water ripples when the finger is swiped over the screen accompanied with a water dropping sound which might be irritating to a few.


Samsung Galaxy SIII really has some new features which make it a new tough competitor to the iPhone 4S. So lets have a sneak peak at the new features of Galaxy SIII :

S Voice
S Voice is a mobile voice companion just like Siri, the voice companion of iPhone 4S. S Voice is good but not at the level of Siri as it needs to be trained to get a hang of your voice tone and can not do a few functions that Siri can.

                                                                                                                                               Social Tag
With social it really gets easier to connect to your friends and family. You just have to tap on their face and connect it to social streams and you easily know their status and interact with them.

Direct Call
This is a very simple yet intelligent concept. Just imagine that you are text messaging your friend and you want to talk to him, for that in normal mobiles you will have search  his name through call logs but in Galaxy SIII you just have to bring the phone near your ear like you do during a call and Direct Call will dial his number for you.

Smart Stay
Samsung Galaxy SIII uses its front camera to keep a track of your eyes so that it can automatically dim or brighten the brightness of the screen according to the purpose the mobile is being used.

S Beam
With S Beam you can easily share photos, documents, videos and songs with all the friends nearby. To use S Beam you just need to put the back side of the phones together and connect by tapping on the are where it says "Touch to beam"

AllShare Cast
Just like Apple's AirPlay, Samsung has created its own media mirroring function called AllShare Cast through which you easily mirror your media content like videos and pictures on an HDTV. This is a good option for gamers as they can play their favorite games on a much bigger screen and use the phones buttons as gesture controls and the best thing that its wireless.

Pop Up Play
This feature opens the video you want in another window. Now this might seem ordinary but the new thing is that with the power of the Quad Core Processor you can easily watch the video along with the work you are doing like messaging, surfing the web etc. You can resize and drag the window to anywhere on the screen.

Best Photo
Samsung Galaxy SIII has a good camera but is not that comparable to the lens of the iPhone 4S or the Nokia N8 but still gives a nice picture quality but there are times when you taking a picture of a person and he blinks his eye at that moment so your photo doesn't look good and to prevent this Galaxy SIII quickly snaps a continuous series of pictures and chooses the best of the collection for you.

Now this feature should not be used for comparison purpose because it is available only in a few countries but still it is good to have compatibility to such fast connections and this phone has the capability to run 4G LTE.

   Final Results

Rating (out of 5)
Hardware is very nice and competitive
Software is good but they could have given newer software
User Interface
Better than the previous versions but needs improvement
This thing sucks and no doubts in that!

This new Samsung device is very well packed with feature is no doubtly awesome but the design factor and the material used really disappoints us and decreases the life of the phone. Hence, It can beat the HTC One X but still looses in front of the Apple iPhone 4S.


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