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Mac OSX Mountain Lion

Apple is going to launch an advanced version of its amazing computer operating system called Mac OS X Lion. The new version of the OS will be called Mac OS X Mountain Lion. The following features will be there in the new OS:-

iCloud for Mac

The concept of cloud computing on the iPhone, iPod and iPad has been a great success with the launch of the extremely useful 'iCloud'. iCloud on Mac will require the Mac user to sign in with his/her Apple ID and iCloud will set up automatically so that if anyone deletes, adds or edits something on a Mac then the same will happen on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and vice versa.


RIM's Blackberry became popular among non-corporate guys because of the Blackberry Messenger but to beat the BBM Apple launched the iMessage for the iOS Devices which has started to gain popularity among every corporate and non-corporate person and it deserves this popularity as the UI is very neat and easy to use and no need for the PIN stuff just use the Apple ID to add people to list but now this app will now not be limited to just the iOS devices  and will be available on Mac and Macbook so the iChat will be replaced with the iMessage which is an important change for both iOS and Mac users.


The Reminders in Mac will help the user to make reminder alarms for small things like shopping list, homework etc on the iOS devices the reminders was useful as they are portable devices and we can make shopping list, homework, materials required for any competition or reminders for business matters but still the reminders on a Mac improves the accessibility as a person sitting on his Mac can make a reminder for the person using the iOS device.


Notes on Mac is very much important though it looks almost the same as the Reminders App but its as different as Windows is from Mac its features a Memo Pad like UI which gives the feeling of real note taker and fills the user with the will of using notes than the old Word editors like MS Word. This app is useful for users which have both an iOS device and a Mac at home so they can easily sync their notes with their gadgets.


No one likes to open every application and social networking site again and again for the just the sake of checking the updates so the Notifications thing stands here. This is a feature of iOS 5 which allows all the apps on the iOS device to give notifications like for missed call, new mail,  Facebook updates, and App reminders but with Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Mac users can also get updates from all the Apps on the Mac. A thin leather like textured strip comes on the right side of the screen whenever there is an update on the Mac.

Share Sheets

Now lets come to something which looks as a small feature but saves time. Take an example:
You are surfing the net and you read an article which says iPad 3 : Coming Soon! and you find it interesting and want to show it to your friends and family for that normally you have to copy the text which does not allow the pictures and video to come and then paste it or paste the link and that also at different places but on iOS devices its very simple as you can Share Sheets function to share the thing by email, twitter, and iMessage and with Share Sheets on Mac you can easily share any website, video, photo or an image made from Photo Booth.


Finally a native App of twitter has been designed for the Macintosh. This is a great update for twitter lovers and social celebrities. All the Apps stored in the Mac (only those made by Apple but may be some exceptions) will have a tweet option to share the thing with all your connections.

Game Center

The Mac has got even more amazing with the new feature,'Game Center'. This makes gaming on Mac more interesting as you can play Multiplayer HD games which concludes the usage of only one word 'Fun!'.

AirPlay Mirroring

Imagine you are downloading your favorite movie and you get to know that your DVD player is not working and you have to send it to repair and you think of connecting your Mac to your TV but get to know you have to use either ThunderBolt Cable and display which cost you Rs. 50,000 which is damn costly. This is the time when Apple helps you; with the AirPlay Mirroring feature, HDMI cable and Apple TV you can connect your Mac to your TV, Projector screen etc this is a much cheaper and convenient way.


Security: This is the thing which every computer can give but only the Mac does it the best. The Mac is well-known for its world's safest Firewall which doesn't allow any type of virus to enter your Personal computer and saves all your precious data. The new feature Gatekeeper prevents the user from downloading any type of Malicious software and provides you the control over what you download on your Mac, it now provides the user with 3 security settings and also lets the user decide which setting is best for them.

 New Features for China

Apple's Macintosh has got more Oriental! So all the people living in China will be able to get special things like easy to set-up Mail, Contacts and Calendar with QQ, 126 and 163. Baidu, the leading Chinese search providir will be built-in feature of Safari. The video sharing websites - Youko and Tudou are included in the Share Sheets and they can also blog with Sina weibo, the popular microblogging service. And with improved text input, typing in Chinese is easier, faster, and more accurate.

So with all these things the Mac OS X Mountain Lion should really beat the Windows 7 and even upcoming Windows 8


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