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Zebra crossing for an iPad buyer !

Till now you all must have decided about which iPad you want, an iPad 2 or a 'new iPad'. You also have decided which storage and network to be taken. Well if you haven't decided which colour should you choose (Black or White) and you have decided to take the new iPad then this article is meant for you. In this article I will help you by telling you which colour has what all advantages and disadvantages.

First of all lets take the old Black Colour :

Black, this is the signature colour of the revolutionary iPad and it makes the iPad the most elegant from all the other tablets as this black colour suits the curvatures of the iPad but every colour has some disadvantages and advantages, although colours don't have so much advantages and disadvantages but still I will try to enlighten the most visible features.

  1. The most visible feature of the black colour is that it dissolves with the content playing on the beautiful Retina Display of the new iPad.
  2. The Black doesn't discolour easily and remains crisp forever
  1. The disadvantage is that Black is and old colour and doesn't give the user the feeling of exclusivity.
  2. The Black colour shows the fingerprint and smudges more dramatically.
Second comes the White Colour :

To make some choice between the colour choices in iPad, Steve Jobs thought of giving the iPad a new colour yet as elegant as the Black Colour. The white colour has been there in the market for almost more than 1 year. This colour first came for the iPad 2 and then the iPhone and then iPod Touch and now is coming for almost every Apple Product (If Tim Cook has brains then iMac and Macbook are exceptions).

  1. The white colour gives the new iPad a really exclusive look as people when see the white colour they get to know you have a new iPad or and iPad 2 (as white was not there for 1st iPad)
  2. The white colour looks more beautiful with iPad accessories than the Black colour.
  1. There are some rumors that white colour discolours after a long time of usage. It isn't true for me but if you still have some doubts then you can stick with the black colour.
  2. The white colour distracts the user from the content that is playing in the iPad even though its a white e-book as white is a very bright colour.
Final Decision!

Now is the time for the final decision about which colour to take and I promise that I will not leave you saying that "the decision is up to you" if I say this then what will be the use of writing such a long article so for me the winner is White as it really makes the people outside know from far that it is either a new iPad or an iPad 2 which gives an exclusive feeling but still if you have some problems with the content distraction ( I don't have!) then you stick with the old black colour but for me the White is the iPad I will buy.


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